About Me

About Me

Choosing the right person to photograph your life event is not easy.  I believe the qualities every good photographer must have is creativity, an eye for detail, patience and flexibility, good people skills and passion. Let me start with my passion which shines through my work. I have been a photographer for 10 years and most people would describe passion as my top outstanding quality.  I have a passion for living which extends well into my photography work.  I am always pushing myself a little further and strive to do my best work for each and every client.   

Fortunately I was blessed with good people skills and they have improved as I’ve grown. Because I can communicate with my clients and make them feel at ease I am able to get their cooperation and draw out all the right emotions for their photos.  I also have an abundance of patience which is needed when photographing events. I am able to remain flexible as well to make the best of all conditions.  

My eye for detail shows up in all of my photos.  I take into consideration the lighting, the composition, storytelling and emotion in every photo. Lastly, all of my former clients would agree my creativity and imagination comes to life in my photos. I am able to look at something ordinary and find many ways to interpret what I’m seeing into beautiful and meaningful photos. Together as partners, I can photograph your wedding or capture your life's event in my studio. I do hope you’ll consider calling me for a consultation.  

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Volunteer Work

I am a volunteer photographer for the American cancer society. Whether your survivor or a caregiver, you are NOT alone. 

I would like to tell your story to others facing this terrible disease and show them there is HOPE.