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Art. Romance. Nostalgic. Unique

I have always felt attracted to beauty and art in all of its forms, I was born in the city of La Plata, Argentina. As a child, I collected fashion magazines that I've never read, I only used the pictures to decorate the walls of my room and dreamed that one day I would be the photographer. 

My artistic career began as Editor of ARG Tattoo collection Magazine, Art & Music, leaving an important mark on my creative career.

I Studied photography in New York City, and that's what opened the doors to the world of the Weddings. 

Nostalgic, Poetic, Neoclassical style is how I call my style, it is a combination of fine art and documentary. 

I will photograph Love, in a simple and Elegant way, the beginning of a great story that will last for generations to come.



Betiana Hurtado.

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