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To capture the beauty of the dress, details, and the emotions of the bride, I will use a combination of close-up shots, alternative angles, and candid moments. 


For the dress, I'll take photographs that accentuate its design and how it complements the bride. This can include shots of the bride getting ready, showcasing the dress's unique features, and capturing the way it moves during the event.


As for the details, I will focus on the accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and any other elements that contribute to the bride's overall look. This might include rings, shoes, bouquets, and any special heirlooms.


To convey the emotions of the day and the bride's "skin feelings," I'll capture candid, intimate moments that reflect the bride's happiness, excitement, and any other emotions she may experience. Some examples include the anticipation of walking down the aisle, the exchange of vows, and the joy of celebrating with friends and family.


Together, these elements will weave a visual narrative of the bride's dream, creating a memorable collection that can be cherished for a lifetime.

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