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So, you’re officially engaged - congratulations! Long Island has such a diverse landscape, with natural parks, beaches, historical sites, and more. You may have difficulty finding the right place for you and your fiancé. I can help you with that.

My favorite place Cheka Castle, beautiful all year around.

Wonderful gardens, very charming.

Vanderbilt Museum It's incredible, with a unique European style. winter or summer not matter. The mansion, the water view, the landscape, I'm in love with every corner of this place located in Centerport New York.

Another view.

Of Course Robert Moses is another great Option but a different vibe.

Another great option is Planting Fields.

409-acre historic site in Oyster Bay, NY, with landscape largely designed by Olmsted

Brothers Firm.

Central Park, every corner is wonderful.

Surrounded by buildings, with the most beautiful gardens, the lake, the trees. A classic of all time

Canoe Place is another wonderful option in Long Island, charming, Historic place.

Brooklyn Brid

The most classic of all classics, but one of the most magical places in New York.

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